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Code Challenge Flash Card

Imagine, going in for a programing interview, everything been great, but now came the dread part of that interview the whiteboard. A whiteboard question in this case is when the interviewer ask the interviewee a coding problem during the interview process. The interviewee then have to solve the code problem. The point of the interview is to show case the interviewee problem solving skills and communication. For some people it can be nerve wracking, but what if there was a way to feel more confident before going for the interview.

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The solution ...create a flash card game that ask a random code challenge. With using a ‘flash card method’ it can help the user remember their answers quicker by creating a deeper connection with the neurons in the brain.

The card has two sides: a front and back.The front shows the problem, and a visual. Then when a button is clicked ‘flip’ to the back and shows a plausible algorithm, and pseudocode. The challenges are based on LeetCode challenges so the person can test out their code in LeetCode. Also all algorithm and pseudocode are a possible solution, because in code their are many ways to get to the solution.

This is done by the user clicking a button for a random challenge. When the button is clicked it send a request to the server to get a random challenge. Then renders a questions to the user. For more information on the backend-end visit here.

To visit the deployed go to :

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